“A unique combination of child-like enthusiasm and innocence coupled with worldly ambition and determination.”

Nerdy, Quirky, Other-Worldly,

Mysterious, Wild, Psychotic, The Outsider…

Multi-Talented Actor, Andrew Mondia Sets Sights on Expanding Field of Work and Debuting Projects

Diagnosed with ADHD, His condition serves his talents in both works as an actor and comedian. As a result of my active imagination, His comedy is both natural and witty. Having done several stand-up comedy bits that cover personal travel experiences, family life, and his own personal experiences of bullying. This was all included in his first ever self-written one man show “Confessions of a Pear-Shaped Pupil” which debuted and performed in 2017 at the International Orlando Fringe Festival. With the desire for everyone who sees his work to be profoundly impacted and to gain that intimate connection shared only by an actor and his audience. His focus is on reaching new actoral heights with every project that comes his way both local and international.

Download a PDF version of Andrew’s resume here